Missouri Passes Abortion Wait Period Law

Three days.

Missouri’s Republican-controlled Legislature gave final approval Wednesday to legislation requiring a woman to wait three days after first seeing a doctor before having an abortion. Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon has not said whether he will sign or veto it.

The measure would triple Missouri’s current 24-hour waiting period and put the state in line with Utah and South Dakota as the only states to mandate a 72-hour time frame. Missouri currently has only one clinic performing elective abortions.

The House voted 111-39 in favor of the measure Wednesday, sending it to Nixon, who has previously allowed other abortion restrictions to become law without his signature. That included a measure last year that requires doctors to be in the room for the initial dose of a drug used in medical abortions.

Nixon said Tuesday that he would review the extended waiting period and act in a manner consistent with his other actions on abortion legislation.


This should get the abortion ghouls screaming, as they are opposed to any restrictions. A wait period for a decision that affects so much and is so permanent would seem like a no-brainer in a sane world. However, a world that makes a “hero” out of someone like Wendy Davis checked out of sanity a long time ago.


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