Hippies 101: NYC School Goes Full Vegetarian

How about a separation of idiots and state?

A New York City elementary school became the first public school in the nation to go completely vegetarian when it stopped serving meat in its cafeteria this year.
Flushing’s P.S. 244 consists of about 400 students between kindergarten and third grade. And the staff say that the school lunches — which include options like black bean quesadillas, brown rice, falafel, roasted red potatoes, and tofu — are a hit among those young kids, some of whom have started requesting similar foods at home


This isn’t about children’s health, it’s about indoctrination in a fringe lifestyle. There is nothing wrong with vegetarian options for children whose parents have chosen to raise them that way.

“Yay, the kids like it!” isn’t a reason to keep doing it if you’re a responsible adult. These are children who are only a year or so removed from eating whatever they could find in their noses. Kids that age like a lot of things that may not be the best for them. Kids this age are growing a lot and, guess what, they need some good protein sources in their diets.

This is a decision that is one for the parents to make, not for school administrators who seek to undermine the role of parents, which is what’s really going on here.

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