Another Win for Sanity: Florida Medical Boards Ban Medical and Surgical Transition for Minors

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It is impossible to overstate the wonders Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo has worked to restore experience-based medicine in the Sunshine State. It reads experience-based rather than evidence-based because Ladapo will collect his own data, look beyond the borders of the United States, and evaluate study methods to arrive at recommendations on contentious issues.


As we learned during the pandemic, researchers can create whatever “evidence” they or their funding sources want. Social media can collude with the government to ensure the public only sees one set of “evidence.” Legacy media joins in and features guests like Dr. Scott Gottlieb, who left the FDA and went to the board of Pfizer. Ladapo cuts through the noise and the immense pressure to find the common clinical experience of patients and doctors.

Ladapo is the only American Surgeon General to date to discourage COVID-19 vaccines and boosters for children. Recently he recommended against them for men under 40, using data from Florida. The FDA had data on cardiac risks for men under 40 in September 2021 and chose to recommend boosters anyway. Ladapo demanded appropriate informed consent for Floridians.

Now, based on a petition for rule-making from Ladapo’s Department of Health, the Florida Board of Medicine and the Florida Board of Osteopathic Medicine passed rules on Friday that will prohibit doctors from prescribing puberty-blocking and cross-sex hormone treatments for patients under age 18. The rules do not require children already receiving such treatments to stop, despite the lies LBGTQ nation is telling. Contrary to their headline, Florida is not forcing anyone to detransition.

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The new rules will also ban doctors from performing mastectomies, oophorectomies, vaginoplasty, and castration, as well as any other surgery to make a child appear more like the opposite gender. Local news outlets reported that those attending the session who are opposed to the bans, such as pediatric endocrinologists who profit from the care and parents brainwashed by activists to believe medical and surgical castration is necessary for mental health, became raucous at times. They urged the boards to allow treatments to continue.

The boards also heard from detransitioners. While some media outlets are puzzled over why the Florida medical boards would ban treatments that are reversible according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, hearing from detransitoners like Chole Cole and Alia Ismail may convince them otherwise. Or anyone could view this video from KC Miller and see what cross-sex hormones do to teen girls:

Discussing what happens to boys who medically and surgically transition is even more heartbreaking. The most visible one is Jazz Jennings, who transitioned on television for everyone to see. He had significant (warning — videos may be considered explicit by some readers) complications post-vaginoplasty and suffered considerable weight gain, ballooning to over 200 pounds. He has high cholesterol, asthma, and an elevated heart rate. While Jennings has not discussed detransition, if he chose to do so, his male genitalia was destroyed by surgery.


Correctly, the Florida Medical Boards weighed these perspectives and erred on the side of caution.“To say that there is a singular … standard of care is simply not accurate,” said Florida Medical Board Chairman David Diamond, an oncologist. “The chief point of agreement amongst all the experts, and I must emphasize this, is that there is a pressing need for additional, high-quality clinical research.”

This observation was first made in Florida by Ladapo’s Department of Health. The agency recommended against social, medical, and surgical gender transition for children in April 2022. The memo was a direct counter to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services fact sheet and guidance on treating gender dysphoria for children and adolescents.

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Of course, the agency that employs Richard (Rachel) Levine pushed all three types of transition as “gender-affirming” care. That could be the most Orwellian term in use. The treatments deny the child’s gender, ignore any mental health issues that may confuse the child, and pretend there is no link between biology and physiology.

In contrast, Ladapo’s agency noted, “Systematic reviews on hormonal treatment for young people show a trend of low-quality evidence, small sample sizes, and medium to high risk of bias. A paper published in the International Review of Psychiatry states that 80% of those seeking clinical care will lose their desire to identify with the non-birth sex. One review concludes that “hormonal treatments for transgender adolescents can achieve their intended physical effects, but evidence regarding their psychosocial and cognitive impact is generally lacking.”


The determination of the Florida Board of Medicine and the Florida Board of Osteopathic Medicine already has a challenge in federal court. It will also go through an approval process that will take several weeks and include additional public comments.


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