Don Lemon Wants the Riots to Stop for All the Wrong Reasons


Over at CNN, where commentators like Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo have been promoting the “peaceful protests,” it seems they have had a sudden realization. Violent riots, looting, and arson that turns a small city like Kenosha, Wisconsin into Fallujah may not be a good look for Democrats. It reflects poorly since the worst damage and violence is happening in Democrat-run cities with Democrat governors.


In case you missed the damage that has occurred in Kenosha, a city of just over 100,000 residents, here is Jorge Ventura giving you a view you are not likely to see on the corporate news channels:

Don Lemon Speaks Over Terry Crews: Dead Black Children Are ‘Not What Black Lives Matter Is About’

What you can clearly see are the burned-out shells of people’s business and livelihoods. The Black Lives Matters “protesters” have destroyed entire car dealerships leaving nothing but charred skeletons and melted tires (the video contains explicit language):

Now the “peaceful protest” leaders will tell you this is not violence. It is all covered by insurance, and these are just “things.” Cities, where riots have taken place before, would beg to differ. It has been documented it can take decades for them to recover. This fact is not good news for Minneapolis, New York City, Portland, or Kenosha.


Because these clips are challenging to suppress thanks to independent journalists and new media companies that send journalists to cover the riots, a thought occurred to CNN’s Don Lemon. A rare occasion to be sure. So, while he did his nightly programming exchange with Chris Cuomo, who once asked why people thought protests needed to be peaceful, Lemon decided to pontificate:

Someone Should Send CNN’s Chris Cuomo a Copy of the Constitution, Stat

Lemon demands Joe Biden come out and address the violence “like Barack Obama did about race.” He also says “the rioting has to stop” because “it’s showing up in the polling.” Not because it’s destroying lives and livelihoods.

It’s super impressive that he pronounced Rorschach correctly, even if it is a ridiculous analogy given the circumstances. Lemon calls the riots and violence a blind spot for Democrats. That is pretty naive. The DNC seemed to celebrate this type of violent activism in a shocking musical number by Billy Porter during their convention. I’d be shocked if Lemon missed it:


Don Lemon then gives Joe Biden some advice on what he needs to do over the next 67 days. Because surely there won’t be any question about why the nominee has stayed silent about the violence and destruction for the last three months. Now, Lemon believes Biden has to talk about it openly. He suggests explicitly that Biden should do a speech about race. Maybe Lemon did miss the DNC. That was three-quarters of its content.

Also, Don Lemon suggests that Biden specifically cover his plans for police reform and blame Donald Trump for the unrest. This idea is a stretch. President Trump has offered support through Operation Legend and the National Guard that has been rejected by Democrats in Oregon, Seattle, New York, and now Wisconsin. In other jurisdictions, this program has been a success and led to over 1,000 arrests and 200 suspects charged with more serious federal crimes.

Trump Dispatches Federal Law Enforcement to Combat Crime Waves in U.S. Cities

In jurisdictions that accept federal help, it is making a difference. In the Democrat strongholds that reject it, there is continued violence and destruction. This contrast would be simple for the Trump campaign to draw. It is also a pattern most Americans can already see clearly. We rely on local leaders to deal with local issues. Not the president.


Further, Senator Tim Scott (R-S.C.) proposed a police reform bill that there was broad agreement on. However, Democrats preferring a wedge issue refused even to debate the bill, let alone bring it to a vote. After Scott’s convention speech, it is unlikely you will convince persuadable voters that it was the “token” bill Democrats accused it of being.

Sen. Tim Scott Says Dems Killed His Cop Bill for a Reason as Clear as the Nose on His Face

Lemon goes on to say the rioting has to stop. However, his reason is not the safety of law-abiding Americans. It is not because these riots are wrong, and the destruction of property can’t continue. Instead, voter concern over the violence, especially when it overtakes a small city like Kenosha or the suburbs in Portland, is showing up in the polling.

Politically, this looks bad for Democrats. Don Lemon knows it. And the Biden campaign knows it as well. Lemon pondered that Biden might be scared to comment on the riots. For once, he didn’t say the quiet part out loud. Lemon didn’t mention the silence may be related to the Biden campaign not wanting to alienate the Sanders/Cortez wing of the party.

After all, the campaign has already walked back their criticism of radical anti-Semite Linda Sarsour. That little bucket of sunshine is leading protests in Louisville, where 71 people have been arrested since yesterday. The Biden campaign, whether intentional or not, is tacitly endorsing this behavior.

Don Lemon Shutting Down Criticism of BLM Is a Feature Not a Bug

Perhaps the best part about Don Lemon waxing poetic here is that it gives the impression that Democrats, including Biden, could stop the violence if they wanted to. That assertion is factually correct. If Democrat leaders in these states and cities allowed law enforcement to do their job and accepted the help the president is offering, this could be over in a few days. Instead, they will attempt to extort your vote by holding relief over your head.

Why would you give these people more power?

Joe Biden Has a Glaring Anti-Semitism Problem



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