When the Left Bullies They Pose As Anti-Bullies

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One of the favorite insults the left hurls at President Trump is calling him a bully.  This seems to be based on nothing much, except his expressing his opinions in contravention of theirs early and often on Twitter.


After all, the president neither has the intent, nor the ability to enforce, everyone following his way, repeating his opinions, or embracing his positions.  He might campaign for it, cheer for it, or try to get people to follow him, but he doesn’t do so by means of making it socially impossible to do otherwise.

Frankly, with the media and the “industry of glamour” from novels to movies set staunchly on the side of opposing Trump, it is a good bet that even if Trump wanted to bully people into supporting him, he would not have the ability.

And while the power of the President is an awesome one, this particular President doesn’t show much inclination to have filmmakers arrested in the middle of the of the night simply because he needs a scapegoat for an attack on one of our embassies.

So even if President Trump had the intention of becoming a bully, he’d be like the skinny, small kid on the playground, running around yelling at other people to do as he says.

Meanwhile the left, particularly in fields in which they are the majority and where gatekeeping is quite powerful – say, Hollywood – shows every inclination, intention, and ability to bully.

Take the whole #metoo movement.  While it is quite understandable and to an extent laudable to stand up against serial abusers in Hollywood, we can also agree that: a) the wheels of sanity have long since spun off the juggernaut of the movement.  Nowadays they’re denouncing dubious “offenses” that happened perhaps 40 years ago.  b) A lot of those now denouncing all these incidents probably endured them/condoned them as means to improve their situation and careers.  c) The movement has lost its direction and is now serving as another #yesallmen by claiming that all women are everywhere and always abused and that men everywhere need to somehow stop this.  This ignores that just because men have somewhat similar genitalia they are not members of a hive-mind community. No man can prevent another man from behaving badly, some men will always behave badly, and in fact, running with the idea that all men behave this way will merely empower the bad actors.  After all, if it’s a universal tendency of all men, how can you stop yourself?


Meanwhile, the fight against sexual abuse in Hollywood has taken to the same channels the progressives always take.  Beyond hapless males, who don’t actually remember if they ever hurt anyone but who confess to possible crimes because they are in possession of a penis, and might, at some time, have said something off-color to a woman, the #metoo movement is now taking the path of bullying everyone into agreeing with and behaving like them.

The case in point is the movement to wear black to the Golden Globe awards, in support of women discommoded by men and participating in the #metoo movement.

While simply saying that wearing black would be in support of women abused by Hollywood (and elsewhere?) would be encouraged or acceptable, the left cannot moderate its totalitarian tendencies, and its need to tell everyone that they must do exactly as told or else.  In other words, for being bullies.

Take for example this:

In an Instagram post, celebrity stylist Ilaria Urbinati said that her female clients will be dressed in all black, and her male clients will be as well. One of Urbinati’s notable clients, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who confirmed his participation in a comment on her Instagram post: “Yes we will,” as reported by People.

Urbinati’s Instagram post shows a Hollywood Reporter article about the visual protest organized by actresses. Her caption then focused on her own clients, who include Armie Hammer and Tom Hiddleston. In full, Urbinati’s caption reads:

“YES, the men WILL be standing in solidarity with women on this wearing-all-black movement to protest against gender inequality at this year’s Golden Globes. At least ALL MY GUYS will be. Safe to say this may not be the right time to choose to be the odd man out here… just sayin…”


In fact, the #metoo movement, like all the other leftist movements eventually devolves to “Speaking power to truth” and “don’t dare disagree with us or else.”

I guess anyone wearing colors other than black to the Golden Globe Awards will mark himself as an evil conservative or, even worse, a free thinker.

In fact, they are laying hold of the same thing that caused the sexual abuse problems: might makes right, and don’t you dare stick out or go against us!

Keep that in mind whenever they natter on about the president’s horrible bullying tendencies.  Bullying to them equates saying things they don’t like.

Meanwhile, they bully as they breathe, forcing everyone in their power to at least pretend to believe as they do, and demanding that everyone loudly endorse their pet crusades.

They convince themselves, by these means, that what they’re doing is moral and that everyone agrees with them.

Which is both horrifying, because it forces all dissent into silence, and convenient because the loud #resistance with their demands for conformity will never see the resistance to their power grow and become stronger.


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