Melania Trump Vindicated: Ex-First Lady Destroys Former Aide, Media Over Christmas Smear

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The anti-Trump media viciously attacked former first lady Melania Trump in 2020 when her former aide and close friend, Stephanie Wolkoff, released secret recordings to CNN that made it sound as if she hated the Christmas holidays, along with off-putting remarks regarding migrant children who had been separated from their parents at the southern border.


On Tuesday, in an exclusive comment to Breitbart News, the former first lady released a bombshell statement explaining that there was much more to the story. In it, she not only torched the media and her former aide, but she also made it crystal clear that the recordings Wolkoff released to the media were missing important context that changed the entire meaning of what she said.

Here’s the original clip of the recording played in 2020, first on CNN, the outlet where Wolkoff first released one of her recordings:

CNN reported at the time:

The tapes were played exclusively on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” on Thursday night and were recorded by Wolkoff after she left the White House. “I’m working … my a** off on the Christmas stuff, that you know, who gives a f*** about the Christmas stuff and decorations? But I need to do it, right?”

She continued, “OK, and then I do it and I say that I’m working on Christmas and planning for the Christmas and they said, ‘Oh, what about the children that they were separated?’ Give me a f****** break. Where they were saying anything when Obama did that? I can not go, I was trying get the kid reunited with the mom. I didn’t have a chance — needs to go through the process and through the law.”


Not surprisingly, most left-leaning media had quite a bit of fun with the recordings, painting Melania Trump as an evil, anti-Christmas American.

On Tuesday, the former first lady fought back, releasing a statement in which she not only slammed the media for the false reporting but also torched Wolkoff, who was once a close personal friend of hers. Trump said Wolkoff “spitefully edited and released our conversation to create the perception that Christmas is not significant to me.”

Trump said that her office “terminated” Wolkoff’s contract in early 2018, adding that the DOJ eventually charged her for violating a confidentiality agreement with the release of her book, Melania and Me: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship with the First Lady. Wolkoff was legally required to get White House approval for such a book but never did.

Reuters had the story:

In a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Washington, Justice Department lawyers said Winston Wolkoff, a former aide who fell out with the first lady, failed to submit to government for review a draft of her book, “Melania and Me: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship with the First Lady,” which offers an unflattering portrayal of President Donald Trump’s wife.

Winston Wolkoff, in a statement issued late on Tuesday, said she had fulfilled all the terms of her agreement with Melania Trump and the confidentiality provisions ended “when the White House terminated the agreement.”


Wolkoff would later release a statement in response to the charges, writing at the time, “The president and first lady’s use of the U.S. Department of Justice to silence me is a violation of my First Amendment Rights and a blatant abuse of the government to pursue their own personal interests and goals.”

Not surprisingly, President Joe Biden’s Justice Department dropped the lawsuit shortly after Biden entered office.

Even though any reasonable-minded person understands that Melania Trump has never been anti-Christmas, it’s nice to see the former first lady take a stand against this snake of a former friend and set the record straight.


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