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A Look Inside Melania Trump's Spectacular Christmas at the White House

Christmas 2019 (Official White House photo)

Melania Trump seems to excel at everything she does, but nothing more so than Christmas at the White House. The People’s House has been turned into a winter wonderland that will thrill every patriot. The White House website has created an Advent Calendar that will reveal a new photo every day until Christmas Day, giving fun facts about the decorations and the volunteers along with the first lady’s vision for this year and years past.

The arrival of the Christmas tree at the White House always signifies the exciting flurry of activity that will transform the People’s House into a spectacular display of creativity and Christmas cheer.

Did you know you can volunteer to help decorate the White House?

Did you know that volunteers are key to the Christmas season at the White House? Each year, the “People’s House” opens to the public for tours of the decorations during the month of December—all thanks to the help of volunteers from across the country!

In 2017, more than 150 volunteers from 29 states were selected to help tie ribbons, set up lights, hang ornaments, and much more!

Be sure to apply next year at, but mark your calendars early: The application process typically begins in September! You can apply either to decorate the White House during the week of Thanksgiving or to perform as a musician during the Holiday Open Houses throughout December.

(Official White House photo)

Mrs. Trump has unveiled her theme, “The Spirit of America,” which is sparkling in every room in the White House.

Christmas 2019 (Official White House photo)

Christmas 2019 (Official White House photo)

Christmas 2019 (Official White House photo)

Christmas 2019 (Official White House photo)

It’s a national shame that magazines in this nation have not covered our first lady’s contributions to the White House out of prejudice and spite. Melania Trump has been an incredible asset to our country and has done it justice, taking such care to ensure that the White House is a shining representation of the best in America. She deserves so much more praise than she gets for executing her duties flawlessly and impeccably. Her quiet dignity and inner calm, matched with her exquisite taste, is exactly what a bickering nation needs at Christmas time. So quiet your mind and feast your eyes on the most spectacular Christmas display yet. Thank you, Mrs. Trump.

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