Aw, Bad News For Anonymous Abusive Commmenter Cowards

I’ve always felt the shame and self-loathing they must feel at their cowardly lack of self worth (and, usually, lack of basic literacy skills) should have been enough punishment for anonymous abusive commenters and their fear of self-exposure.


But who knows, as this report suggests maybe you anonymous abusers among commenters will have something more to fear: liability under the law, Not that I would take advantge of this ruling against any of them–although, who knows, if I’m in a bad mood…

Hope his persuades all you “strict constructionists” to join the ACLU and cower under their protection. And maybe consider self-restraint as you make fools of yourselves. Doesn’t it ever make you feel bad to know you’re in a class with obscene callers?

As the author of this Mediaite report puts it:

” People get away with a lot of crap on the Internet under the cloak of anonymity. Would you imagine an internet where everyone had to stand behind their own words. Might that result in higher level of discourse? Dare to dream.”


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