Ron Rosenbaum

Just in Case You Doubt the Betrayal of the Iranian Freedom Struggle by Jacko-Obsessed Media

For those skeptical of my last post, take a look at thisimportant piece on the question by Benjamin Sarlin of The Daily Beast on the way moronic Jacko coverage, especially by the electronic media has made the attempt by the courageous resisters in Iran to get their story out (and probably save some lives because the eyes of the world will be on them) much more difficult. Note that it quotes experts on both right and left agreeing about this. Spencer Ackerman: (link in Beast post): “I think we can agree that the Iranian regime benefits from the media’s rush to memorialize, explore and reflect upon Michael Jackson and his legacy.”

Of course it’s not just the media’s fault, as Sarlin’s piece points out; it’s media consumers–particularly tv viewers who skew what networks and cable cover– who feed on Jacko garbage, and Twitter airheads too, gobbling up bandwith vital to the opposition in Iran. Why not declare a Day Without Stupid Jacko Tweets. People are being murdered over there and all you care about is tweeting about “The Gloved One”?