Dylan's "Mississippi" (Revisited)

Thanks to Fred Mecklenburg, for his iluminating comment in the previous Dylan post about the origin of the line “Stayed In Mississippi”.

Thanks also to Charlie Finch who sent this eloquent emotional response to the song, and the mood of official Bootleg #8:


Ron, Jeff Rosen has assembled the perfect documant of Dylan’s middle age in “Tell Tale Signs”: however ridiculous, romantic longing remains, doomed to failure. Edmund Wilson wondered, in his sixties, about the absurdity of the sex act, its fundamental futility, yet he made a successful play for his dental hygienist…The minimal riffs and diction which Dylan uses to convey the universality of desire, humbling especially one of his stature, are, when combined with his age and he apparent diminishing of his powers, his greatest work. For truly nothing is diminished and hope abides: that is the greatest illusion and a muse whose complexity send the boy Dylan of the Sixties scurrying into the shadows to meet Dylan the man.


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