Ron Rosenbaum

Bloggers Should Spread the Word: Boycott the Fascist Olympics

I know this is the fourth or fifth time I’ve done a post saying basically the same thing in different ways, but nobody’s done anything about it and there’s still time, but time is running out.

The jailing of a blogger/dissident yesterday by Chinese authorities as part of their on- going pre Olympic dissident-cleansing campaign is somethiing that should be of particular concern to all bloggers of all ideologies in addition to free speech and human rights activists.

Once again: follow the money. The networks and advertisers are betting they’ll cash in big on the fascist Olympics (a phrase I use because the hysterical worship of physical perfection has always been a characteristic of fascism, and because China is a police state regime which demands idolatry of the party, another key fascist trait).

If enough millions of people register displeasure at the networks and advertisers becoming enablers of police state terror with the advertisers and networs, and threaten to boycott their products in the market place as well as their tainted spectacle on tv, the result might at least force the release of dissidents such as those in the article I linked to. Maybe more. Maybe less, but shouldn’t we try?

What is needed is a central website for citizens to make their boycott pledge, asap. Where are the wizard techies who could put this together?