Ron Rosenbaum

The Final Scene of The Sopranos: Prediction

Okay what’s the point of having a blog if you don’t occasionally do things that every other blog does. In this case predict the ending of “The Sopranos”.

It’s now less than two hours before the final episode and here’s my vision of how the “The Sopranos” should end. Maybe it won’t end this way, but I don’t necessarily think that writers always make the best choices. Mine is the best choice, even if it’s wrong. (how’s that for win-win).

First of all I see Tony surviving. (like they’re really gonna give up the chance to do a feature film by knocking him off). He’s sitting in chair by the empty pool He’s lost just about everything (either A.J., Meadow or both have been whacked). He’s smoking a cigar contemplating the emptiness of his future–and his past. I almost see him visited by a parade of the ghosts of past hits (Hi Ade!) a la the ending of Richard III‘s night-before-the-battle scene. .

And then the ducks return. Like the chickens come home to roost, get it.

Go ducks.

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