Roger L. Simon

What Romney Can Do


Romney on the stump in 2012. (Photo by American Spirit /

Mitt Romney got it on the chin in a well-written Wall Street Journal editorial Wednesday morning — “Romney Recycled.” I won’t rehash it all here, you can read it, but it comes down to this — oh, again???  (Rand Paul also took some shots at Romney, but he’d be better off keeping his eye on his father, the way things are going.)

The WSJ might have been a bit harsh but they were just expressing what everybody thinks.  Even Mitt’s supporters harbor those worries.  But I have a solution for Romney.  He should throw caution to winds — BE THE PRESIDENT NOW (caps definitely mine — yes, I’m shouting)!!!

Why do I say that?  Because America doesn’t have a real president at the moment and we are at war with radical Islam. ( I should add a “duh” in there.) The reactionary creep in the White House won’t even name it, let alone fight it. And we don’t have time to wait until 2017 to turn this around, as Jay Sekulow pointed out on Hannity.  In a couple of months things could be spinning out of control, so many jihadists popping up in Europe, here, Australia, and everywhere else, we won’t know how to count them.  And that’s not even including all the cyber war that’s going to be waged against us and already is.

Romney should put all the traditional election nonsense on the back burner, forget the fundraising and the tedious position papers on the various issues. That stuff can wait, if it’s even important.  He should take the bully pulpit for himself now and tell America and the world what we should do about radical Islam.  Nobody else is doing it and we’ve been fighting this undeclared war for 14 years.  And the bad guys are ahead and growing   It’s not just the major issue.  It’s the only issue, if we don’t win.  Who cares if we do or don’t have Obamacare, if we’re living under Shari’ah law?

And while he’s at it, Romney might state clearly that Israel is our ally and we’re behind her all the way. Oh and no matter how you feel about immigration, unless you’d like to see our shopping malls blown up, we have to secure our border — now!

The State of the Union is coming up next week and nobody I know even wants to watch.  Listening to Obama at this point is like getting root canal surgery and a hip replacement at the same time.  Romney is a rich guy.  He should buy himself some television time and talk to us and the world.  Circumvent the system.  It’s boring anyway. Tell us what we should do about this global cataclysm. By doing that he’d show he isn’t a conventional suit, one of the standard criticisms leveled against him, and will be the man to beat in 2016. More than that, we need it.  We’re in trouble.

IMPORTANT UPDATE:  Literally ten minutes after posting this, my wife showed me a speech to be delivered by Bobby Jindal in London.  It is PRECISELY what I was recommending Romney do and the best speech I have read by an American politician in years.  Its transcript was printed in the Weekly Standard and you must read it.  Bravo, Governor Jindal, the first major American politician to tell it like it is about Islam and radical Islam.  He demonstrates how repellent and dangerous to us all Obama and Hillary are.