Only Benghazi Can Save Us from Hillary

Is it time for the GOP to start ignoring Obama and concentrating on Hillary? After all, Peggy Noonan has informed us that most of the country is tuning him out already.

Well, not quite. As Daniel Henninger pointed out the other day, there's plenty of damage our increasingly authoritarian president can yet do in his remaining time in office.

But because of the extra-constitutional power grab Henninger describes, it is all the more imperative that Hillary Clinton not step into Obama's shoes for eight years, cementing policies and programs never voted on by the Congress or approved by the public. The nature of our republic would be altered forever.

But how to stop her? Hillary is the solid frontrunner for 2016 not only for the Democratic nomination but in the general election. Of course it's yet several years away, but no one is even close. And given the heavy propagandizing -- the endless "War on Women" smear exploiting every soccer mom from Maine to Maui, plus the usual dollop of the right is racist, coupled with the inevitable mainstream media "wisdom" that it is past time for a female president -- she seems a shoo-in. And this is before NBC produces its four-part hagiographic extravaganza of the type normally reserved for the pope.

And don't expect the recent Huma/Weiner hijinks to have any affect. That will be far in the rear-view mirror. And the rest of the scandals -- Whitewater, etc. -- will seem even further away.

No, there is one real hope to stop Hillary and that is Benghazi.

Benghazi is Hillary's Achilles' heel, but the news Thursday -- broken by CNN's Jake Tapper -- that the CIA has been administering lie detector tests to agents who were there, obviously to prevent them from talking, threatens to turn the attention away from Hillary's State Department to the CIA. It seems the CIA was up to its neck in Benghazi, many more of its personnel at the so-called annex the night of the terror attack, with several of them severely wounded.