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Soul Brothers: The Arab Street and The Mainstream Media

A weird similarity exists between the crazed Middle East demonstrators, many of them evidently high on Tramadol, and our own mainstream media.

Both are operating under an only slightly buried sense of shame.

Beneath the Middle Easterners’ rage is an obvious humiliation over the backwardness of their culture.

Beneath the behavior of our media is a fear of humiliation at the polls -- that their blind devotion to Barack Obama was a mistake.

I am more sympathetic to the Middle Easterners.

And, ultimately, it is our mainstream media that are more dangerous.

The Middle Easterners can cause isolated outbreaks of mob violence, killing or injuring innocent people, more often than not themselves. The media can break apart the fabric of the Western world, destroying through their narcissism what it has taken generations, indeed centuries, to build.

So our media, terrified that their hero would be unmasked and themselves also then revealed as shallow and unworthy, focused their ire on Mitt Romney while the world burned, hoping that Romney had made a “gaffe” even when it was clear that his analysis, if not his timing, was correct.

Meanwhile, our government and its State Department have been revealed to be criminally negligent in the protection of their own people.