Roger L. Simon

POLIWOOD: Voices in American Film: Ozark Mountain Men v. Manhattan's Upper Weird Side

Lionel and I are kicking off the Oscar season (I know, who cares…?  Well, we do… in our way) with a look at two indie films vying for Academy attention – Winter’s Bone and Please Give.  These flicks came out earlier in the year, so their producers got their screener DVDs early to Academy members, lest we need a reminder how great they were.

Well, I certainly needed one.  I didn’t see either of them when they came out.  And Ozark-based Winter’s Bone particularly is worth the price of admission.  Lionel and I also discuss how Academy voting is conducted and bemoan the days when it was more corrupt and people tried to buy our votes. (Oh, for the pate and champagne at the French consulate!)

We call this episode Voices in American Film: Ozark Mountain Men v. Manhattan’s Upper Weird Side.  Have a look and,  as always, let us know what you think. We can take it.