Roger L. Simon

McGinniss: the writer as cheesy liar

One thing you have to say for Joe McGinnis, he knows how to get himself some publicity for a book on the most over-exposed subject in America – Sarah Palin. Yawn, and triple yawn.

And he also gets the “lying with a straight face” award (junior division, because he’s so inconsequential) for saying on the Today Show that he rented the house next to the Palins because “the price was right.

I’m assuming McGinnnis must have a huge advance. Otherwise this repellent display on his part – approaching a personality disorder – is inexcusable. Even then, it’s repugnant in the extreme.

I write this, to be clear, as one of those, apparently rare, people who is mostly neutral on Palin. And rather bored with her (as I tend to be with many politicians who are so constantly in our faces, repeating the same ideas over and over). But her pathological enemies like McGinnis make me want to support her. McGinnis is manufacturing Palin supporters on a small level in much the way Obama, in a far larger and more important way, is manufacturing libertarians.

UPDATE: I was quite impressed with how Palin expressed herself on this issue on her Facebook page.