Roger L. Simon

Annals of terror: Bloomberg, Obama and Holder run for the hills but not far enough

It couldn’t be more obvious why NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg has tout a coup jetted over to Blighty to hobnob with London Mayor Boris Johnson and to seem suddenly interested in London’s CCTV system.  A few days ago Bloomberg was poo-pooing the act of supposed terrorism in Times Square as the handiwork of those violent health care opponents.  You know the ones.

Well, Hizzoner seemed like nitwit number one on that one, so off he went to the UK to burnish his mightily tarnished anti-terror image.

But he’s not alone.  Along with him is our President and Attorney General.  Equally tout a coup they are floating a revision of our Miranda rights with respect to terror suspects.

Do we detect a pattern here? Any handwriting on el wall? This is the administration that has been adamant about not calling Islamic terrorism by its true name, as if the ideology behind our problems didn’t exist and we had no enemy beyond irritated homeowners with overdue mortgage payments.  Will that begin to change?  No sign of that yet, but after more electoral defeats or, worse, an  actual, successful terror attack, even they may have to face reality.  But these folks are so stuck in their reified progressivism it’s hard to say.  Come to think of it, Ft. Hood was “an actual, successful terror attack” and nothing changed. Indeed, the perpetrator’s ideology was denied and hidden.  So we have a right to be skeptical. And disgusted.

Meanwhile, while Bloomberg is checking out video cameras, Russia is playing nuclear footsie with Syria.  Would that have gone on during the Bush Administration, whatever its faults? I have my doubts.  But times have marched quite a ways on.  Why would Putin and Medvedev take Obama seriously?  None of us do. The President’s too busy worrying about Israelis building apartments to be concerned with a nuclear Syria.  Never mind that their ruling Alawites came to power by massacring their own citizens.  They’re just the people to be responsible with U-238.

For the first time I wish the US had a parliamentary system like the UK and Obama could be voted out now. I’d even take Cameron.