"If not now, when?" - Mayor Koch attacks Obama Israel policy, supports NY demonstration

[youtube kxG82kKYGos nolink]

I was having trouble embedding YouTube on this site yesterday, but now it has succeeded. I commend to all of you the words of former NYC Mayor Koch (now shown above). Koch is speaking extempore in support of a pro-Israel demonstration in New York today. I hope Senator Schumer will attend, because he too seems in opposition to Obama’s Middle East policy – something quite incredible for such an orthodox Democrat.


According to a report in Politico, the Obama Administration is running around trying to shore up it’s “pro-Israel image” (note: image, not reality) lest their loyal Jewish vote suddenly hemorrhage. Of course, they could do a lot by urging the LA Times to release the tape of Obama with Rashid Khalidi that the Times is sequestering in its safe. But they won’t. I am sure of that.

Speaking of reliable votes, one of the most deeply reactionary (word chosen quite specifically) aspects of our political culture right now is the very concept of the ethnic/religious vote. What a backward idea that is, not to say self-destructive to the very groups that follow the various (most often Democratic) parties so slavishly. They lose all their leverage in the process and, especially in the case of poorer minorities, improvement almost never comes. They have been bought in a very real sense.

Meanwhile, if you’re in the New York area, please attend the rally for Israel outside the Israeli Consulate Sunday at one p. m. EDT. I wish I could be there.


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