Brown vs. Coakley: New PJM/CrossTarget Poll Coming Midnight Pacific Time

Late Friday night Pajamas Media posted a poll taken for PJM by CrossTarget in the Brown-Coakley race to fill the Massachusetts Senate seat of the late Edward Kennedy. The poll created some controversy because it was an outlier, the only public poll so far to show Brown ahead by double digits- 15%. It was even questioned on this site by the highly-respected polling expert Charlie Cook of the Cook Political Report. (Some private polling by the candidate evidently has had similar results, at least placing the lead in double-digits.)


Polls are, of course, a snapshot in time. Much has happened… and is happening… in the fast-moving Massachusetts race over the weekend with the likes of Barack Obama and Bill Clinton coming to the state to support the campaign of Democrat Martha Coakley. Will this triage be successful or will it backfire? We don’t know.

So Pajamas Media has commissioned another poll from CrossTarget to be taken late today using the exact same methods (IVR) as the first. The results of this poll will appear on this site at midnight, or as close to that as possible. That’s midnight Pacific Time, please note.

We also note we have received some criticism for omitting Joseph Kennedy, the Libertarian candidate, from the poll. It was the determination of CrossTarget that Kennedy was polling so low it would be a distraction. Several other polls have made the same decision. Complete listings of the current polls are here and here.


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