Watch out, Al Gore - I'm going to Copenhagen!

I am leaving Los Angeles late Monday for Copenhagen (arrive Tuesday afternoon) to cover the last days of the UN Climate Change Conference for PJTV/PJM. Conference president Connie Hedegaard is bullish about their midway status, saying “we have made considerable progress over the course of the first week”. And Al Gore has not even arrived yet!… not to mention Barack Obama.


Are we saved from Climate Disaster? Will Roger Simon unravel all this? It is, as the saying goes, too soon to tell. But I am writing this to ask readers’ advice. What would you look to know or see? Do you have any contacts I should speak to? Please feel free to leave in the comments or write direct at [email protected].

Thanks in advance for any help. I’m going to need it. (I know there’s been “significant warming,” but I am packing my ski underwear.)


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