Moore, Stone & Fonda: They're bad, they're back and they're on POLIWOOD!

What can I say? There are certain people we love to hate and among them are Michael Moore, Oliver Stone and Jane Fonda. Well, not hate exactly, more despise. The “H”-word can be resolved for the people they enable, like Hugo Chavez, who was at the Venice Film Festival to attend the debut of Oliver Stone’s documentary about him. Haven’t see it yet, but it seems from Hugo’s reaction it was favorable to the Venezuelan strongman,ChavezStone who, according to Stone, those of us in the hoi polloi have gotten wrong. But then, that’s good business to Oliver, just as attacking capitalism is good business for Michael Moore, who debuted his own film, Capitalism: A Love Story, at the same festival. [Didn’t you write Enemies, A Love Story?-ed. Never mind.]


Meanwhile, Jane Fonda is sticking her nose into another film festival – Toronto. It seems the Canadians had the temerity to pick the films of Tel Aviv, Israel to honor for their festival. The clueless Jane, probably assuming these were pro-Israel propaganda (what a nitwit she is – but more of this on Poliwood) – joined the ever reliable Danny Glover and British filmmaker Ken Loach in calling for a boycott. But please don’t call them anti-Semites.

poliwood-1280x720V6Don’t miss all this and more on the new POLIWOOD…. first show after our hiatus. We think it’s a good one. But, as they say, YMMV. Let us know. For old Poliwoods go here.


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