Roger L. Simon

Kareem Abdul Jabbar Revisited: Europe swings right as America shoots left

Is it so amazing that Europe would suddenly be tilting conservative during the rise of the most-liberal-ever US administration? Not at all. In fact it’s common sense. Barack Obama has replaced the supposed-numskull Bush and people across the pond are nervous. Wouldn’t you be? Daddy’s gone. Meanwhile, our President is doing some expensive dating – first New York, now Paree, while unemployment in Spain crests 17%. Those are scary numbers, folks. It’s worth noting that Spain’s Zapatero is one of the few European leaders still left with a nostalgic view of socialist economics. The rest seem to be running away in droves for obvious reasons, but not our prexy, the changeologist.

Of course, Europe has a long way to go. But I am getting nervous that Mark Steyn’s epochal America Alone may be in need of revision. Mark?

UPDATE: [I notice you can’t escape the Laker analogies. Something going on today?-ed.]