Roger L. Simon

Good News from Lebanon - but not to the Huffington Post

March 8 coalition – featuring those Neanderthal Islamofascists at Hezbollah – has apparently lost the election in Lebanon to a pro-Western group under Saad Hariri, the son of assassinated (by Hezbollah or the Syrians or both) Lebanese PM Rafiq Harri: Celebratory gunfire rattled through Beirut and fireworks exploded into the sky after the Western-backed coalition declared victory.

People waving the national flag and the blue banners of coalition leader Saad Hariri’s party paraded through the streets of the capital as results emerged from closely-fought election.

“Congratulations to you, congratulations to freedom, congratulations to democracy,” a triumphant Mr Hariri told cheering supporters as he claimed victory for his anti-Syrian coalition.

“This is a big day in the history of democratic Lebanon.

“There is no winner and loser in these elections, the only winner is democracy and Lebanon,” he added, calling on his supporters to refrain from provoking the rival camp.

Well, if there is a loser, we might have to say it’s the fuddy-duddy Huffington Post, which yesterday published a piece by one Stephen Zunes, chastising the likes of Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden for telling the Lebanese how to vote:

As senators, both Biden and Clinton insisted that this diverse coalition was somehow controlled by Iran and/or Syria. In reality, there is little evidence to suggest that Syrian and Iranian influence on the populist Shia party and its allies is any greater than U.S. influence on some of Lebanon’s other political factions.

Say what? Rafiq Hariri was assassinated by those goons. Steve Zunes – get a life. Huff Post – get some editors.