Roger L. Simon

POLIWOOD: Meet the new political pundits... sportscasters!

bush-costasHey, maybe I shouldn’t talk… Screenwriters as political pundits? Well, at least we have to understand such things as beginning, middle and end… also perhaps a soupcon of subtext or hidden agenda. In any case, the new POLIWOOD is about sportscasters as political pundits. Lionel and I trace the sad decline from the pure sports excitement of Chick Hearn, Howard Cosell, etc. to the extraordinary pomposity and grandiosity of Bob Costas (calling out George Bush at the Olympics?) and that Olbermann character. I even make a prediction about the NBA finals, which is smelling better since it was recorded earlier in the week. [Does that mean you’re going to get into sportscasting?-ed. Every man a Walter Mitty.]

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