Roger L. Simon

New Poliwood - Lionel & Roger duke it out - television vs. film


For the first time in ages, Lionel Chetwynd and I disagree… well, sort of… on the new Poliwood – on which we debate the relative merits of television and film. We touch on Mad Men, The Sopranos vs. The Godfather, etc. It was my point – and I’m sticking to it – that films and therefore novels and plays are more satisfying artistic forms than episodic TV because they have a beginning, middle and end. For the most part, no one knows when and if a series will end, hence the odd finale of The Sopranos. It had to be done ad hoc. (Of course, sitcoms are different, since they are one-offs.) Anyway… this is an endless debate. Dip in here and let us know your view (I’m sure you’ll be siding with Lionel, damn you.)