Roger L. Simon

Hillary's Mexican Dope Blather

Did Hillary ever smoke dope? We know her husband did, but didn’t inhale (yukyuk). I sure did, back in olden times, like a fair percentage of other Boomers (including La Hillary, I wouldn’t be surprised.). And a whole lot of it came from Mexico, when it didn’t come from Humboldt County, Morocco or points East. But I sure don’t feel responsible for the Mexican drug lords butchering people, even though our Secretary of State now says I should be.

I learned one thing long ago – don’t be an enabler. But that’s exactly what Hillary is being with her approach. Not that she is the first one. Mexico, which has had corrupt governments of the right and left for as long as I can remember, is not going to get better because of a sudden American mea culpa. Indeed, it may get worse. Indeed, if one were to follow the logic of Hillary’s pronouncement, the answer would be to legalize narcotics, just as we legalized alcohol to put an end to the gangsterism of Prohibition, most of it anyway.

But it wouldn’t do that in this case. Not for Mexico, anyway. That country – one of my favorite places to visit for most of my life – can only fix itself. In fact, the ability to blame the USA for everything has provided Mexican politicians and pundits an escape valve forever. What they need is a solid dose of Larry Elder, not Hillary Clinton. And Larry doesn’t have a show these days. Maybe he could be Ambassador to Mexico. [Great idea.-ed. I’ll phone Obama. And while you’re at it, I have a few others.]