Roger L. Simon

Poetic Justice: Israel sticks it to Sweden in Davis Cup

Well, poetic justice is something of an understatement. The Swedish tennis association was trying to one up the racist creeps in Dubai who wouldn’t let a woman Israeli play in their recent championship. The Swedes forced the Israeli tennis team to play without a public audience in their Davis Cup match with the Swedish national team in Malmo, putatively to avoid a rerun of the Munich Olympics or similar disaster.

In actuality it was a display of despicable anti-Semitism by a country in fear of its growing Muslim minority. The blogger Ice Viking explains it on his blog with this quote from Swedish minister Jen Orbach: “We must be open and tolerant with Islam and the Muslims, because when we will become the minority, they will be so toward us.”

Says it all. But no matter. Israel defeated the seven-time Davis cup winning Swedish team 3-2! One of the Israeli tennis players, Andy Ram, has an interesting article about the tie in Malmo on Ynet – Sad moment in Sweden.