Poliwood/Eastwood: movie correctness meets political correctness

The latest Poliwood (free, no reg required) is up and the subject is Clint Eastwood’s Gran Torino. Who doesn’t love Clint – the last American hero? And Lionel and I both thought Gran Torino one of his good ones (except for a problematic, if inevitable, ending).


The movie raises interesting questions of political correctness because Eastwood’s character is deliberately not PC. Yet, not surprisingly to readers of this blog, his character proves least racist of all. That of course is one of the great ironies of political correctness and its pseudo-intellectual partner in crime “cultural relativism.” Lionel and I discuss that distinction and review our favorite Eastwood films of the past. Have a look and please add your own favorites below. (BTW, what I mean by “movie correctness” in the title is letting your characters – not your ideology – tell the story.)

Other back Poliwood’s are here. Next week: The Wrestler. [Aren’t you going to reveal how you voted in the Academy Award nominations?-ed. I think I already forgot.]


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