Roger L. Simon

The world upside down - The Nobel Committee and gay schools

As everyone who reads this site knows, I support gay marriage, but when I read the following in an Andrew Breitbart column this morning, I nearly lost it:

Elected officials in Chicago made international news last week by proposing to create a public high school for gay, lesbian and transgender students.


The Pride Campus of the School for Social Justice is set to open with 600 students in 2010, and its curriculum promises to “teach the history of all people who have been oppressed and the civil rights movements that have led to social justice and queer studies.”

Is that real? Say it ain’t so.  What’s going on?  Are we headed back to an era of segregation under the guise of “progressivism”?  First a presidential candidate (and likely president) living under the tutelage of a black separatist and now this.  How could we get more reactionary?  The whole point of the civil rights movement was integration.  Or am I missing something?

Well, I must be, because this is a world where Paul Krugman gets a Nobel Prize. No real surprise there. But the idea that they give a Nobel in economics in this day and age is comical in itself.

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