Roger L. Simon

Edwards Scandal: Is Mickey Kaus suckering the Obama campaign?

Mickey Kaus has for months done a brilliant job of tracking the Edwards Affair and I’ve, belatedly, agreed with everything he said… but this….?  “Would it really hurt Obama if John Edwards went to Denver? The more he publicly defends himself, the more honest and upright he makes Obama look by comparison. And the smarter he makes Democratic primary voters look.”

If I were Obama and Co. I’d want to Edwards as far from the Dem convention as possible. Maybe South Ossetia.  In his personal life, Obama might look squeaky clean compared to Edwards.  But there’s something even more treacherous than adultery that could pollute the mile-high atmosphere of Denver–a kind of callow hollowness [typo corrected, but I’d love to claim credit for a pun] and inexperience that could be associated with modern liberalism and the Democratic Party. After all, both Edwards and Obama have been media image guys, long on veneer but short on substance.

But it’s safe to say we’ll never find out who’s  right – Mickey or I.  You don’t have to be Jimmy the Greek to know there’s little chance Obama will allow Edwards to suck up any of the air in Denver.

UPDATE:  If you really want a reason Obama would have to be out of his mind to let Edwards anywhere near the DNC, this is it –Wolfson: Edwards’ Cover-up cost Clinton the nomination.