Roger L. Simon

Doubting Douthat on Hillary's Night

Ross Douthat has been checking the polls (his way – not paying too much attention to Rasmussen who seems to have the best track record these days for fear that their stats upset his apple cart) and come to the conclusion that McCain should be doing better since the Dems are so busy bashing each other.

Ho-hum… I guess he has to fill some time and so do I. But excuse me if I think he is spinning and lying to himself. He knows bloody well McCain is a formidable candidate and is trying to downgrade him in the most obvious fashion. In truth McCain is running practically dead even with Obama and slightly ahead of Clinton in the national polls in a year when the economy is in the toilet (supposedly) and the Republican president has an approval rating somewhere South of Mozambique. And, as he knows, and will likely be true in this case, Dems tend to do better in polling than Repubs than they do in actual votes. In fact, the major issue for the Democrats is now who has the best chance of beating McCain, not vice-versa. And look for that issue to heat up now that Hillary has fared pretty well in Pennsylvania.