Roger L. Simon

The long presidential election, Obama and peaking too soon

Am I the only one who has the sneaking suspicion that Barack Obama may have peaked too soon, that his cult – like so many – may drift off into obscurity… or if not obscurity a kind of tedium? Cults have a way of doing that, but this is also a natural outgrowth of the long campaign itself. In a weird way, McCain is lucky to have the extreme conservative wing of his party against him. They are people he remains to convince. He shouldn’t do it too quickly or he will have peaked too soon as well. In fact, that is his great danger in the news that Romney is about to endorse McCain (if he hasn’t already).

I am of mixed mind that these elections take so long. On the positive we have plenty of time (do we ever!) to examine the candidates for the world’s most important job. On the negative, for much of this time we are bored stiff, listening to the same questions and answers, reading trivia about who supports whom, etc. This tends to make people tune out – then, when something important happens, they’re in a comatose state. I don’t know about you, but have no interest in seeing another intra-party debate. This time I may skip Vodkapundit’s booze and go straight for the nembutol.

At least when it gets to be McCain against whoever there will be some real issues on the table, rather than my health plan is bigger than yours or I wanted to get out of Iraq before you did or similar nonsense.