Roger L. Simon

Has Romney Thrown in the Towel?

Well, maybe. Sorta… This paragraph from the latest AP campaign coverage tells us something:

This week the multimillionaire former venture capitalist authorized only a modest $3 million advertising buy, after committing $35 million of his own money last year in an effort to lock up the nomination early with back-to-back wins in Iowa and New Hampshire.

More clues appear further down the column:

If Romney wins the winner-take-all states he visits and McCain won the others, the Arizona senator would outscore him on delegates, leaving Romney with the choice of either quitting or dumping more of his own money in a protracted battle for delegates. He has said that he and his wife have set a limit on their personal contribution to the race, although they have not divulged the figure.

Romney’s only public appearance of the day was a rally in the jam-packed showroom of a Denver Ford dealer. He mentioned McCain only once as he sought to contrast his 25 years as a businessman with McCain’s four terms in the Senate.