Roger L. Simon

Acad Awrds: Warner Brothers with cool freebie

In my umpteen years as an Academy Member (in excess of 20, I’m afraid), I have seen the Award freebies change considerably. Used to be we would get boxes of VHS video cassettes (remember them?) configured like treasure chests accompanied with over-priced, useless brochures. Then came the DVDs in fancy boxes. Lately, those have been scaled down some to simple mailing envelopes (an improvement… but maybe they’re ashamed of the movies).

They also send me copies of the screenplays up for best script. I almost never read them because I don’t have the time. Seeing the movie is more than enough.

But this year Warner Brothers has come up with a clever new approach, which got my attention. They have sent us scripts for The Brave One, The Bucket List, The Assassination of Jesse James and Michael Clayton on a flash drive. Popped right up on my Mac. Will I read the scripts? Doubt it. But I’ll remember them fondly when I see the movies. (Now… will the screenplays drag and drop into the trash, yielding a clean flash drive?… Hmmm….)