Annapolis: Saudis without Ear Phones

Maybe it’s there somewhere in our dreary mainstream media, but it wasn’t until I read Allison Kaplan Sommer’s description of Israeli reaction to the Annapolis conference on Pajamas that I noticed what is by far the most telling detail from that event: The Saudi Foreign Minister didn’t even bother to put on his ear phones for Olmert’s speech.


Well, how despicable is that! Not as despicable as the sick, misogynist Saudi culture itself – very little could be – but a plenty could indication of the values and character of the Saudi leadership. In other words, somewhere south of Attila.

And all I can think of is that we continue to enable this with our addiction to oil. Of course, it’s now worse because our leading banks are now becoming hostage to this same culture (with insignificant modifications).

Two words: energy independence.


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