Roger L. Simon

Blog World: Doing the trade show shuffle

The first Blog World has been fun meeting some highly-influential people and doing the glad-hand thing – although I wouldn’t want to do it forever. Two days are just fine. Rick Moran has it right when he says that thisevent is a sign that blogging has grown up – arrivederci Wild, Wild West, hello marketing men. That’s good and bad, of course. But I’m not overly worried, as I indicated on a panel: There will always be plenty of wild and crazy new blood pumping through the Internet.

I suspected in advance the smartest thing I could do for myself at Blog World was wear a good pair of walking shoes and I did (Ecco’s). The second smartest thing I could do was make a reservation at some good restaurants. These days for me, Vegas is eating, not gambling. I can’t stand losing, so it keeps me away from the gambling tables and headed for those other tables (restaurants). Don’t know which are better long range for my health but Wednesday night Sheryl, Madeleine and I ate at Rao’s, the Caesar’s Palace branch of the New York Italian with eleven tables (allegedly impossible to get in – I never tried). Here it seems to have a hundred. The food was great. I had a bone-in veal parmagiana. Recommended. Tonight: Boulud Brasserie before we lumber onto the plane.