Roger L. Simon

Gore In Iraq

Unlike a lot of people I know, I am not overly concerned about the outcome of the presidential election of 2008.

If the winner is someone named Guiliani, Clinton, Thompson, Romney or McCain or even Obama or Edwards – and from the current looks of things, it will be one of those people – the results will not be catastrophic. The differences will be more minor than we expect and overwhelmed by history.

I know this not just because the supposedly more pacifistic Democrats finally admitted in the last debate that they just might not be out of Iraq by 2013. Nor is it because they have all acknowledged a nuclear-armed Iran as a non-starter.

I know this because I believe in my heart that had Al Gore been elected president in 2000 (and as we all know he almost was – he won the popular vote), he would be just as knee deep in the War on Terror as George Bush is right now and fighting it in more or less the same manner. He would be in Iraq.

Yes, I jumped the shark this time…. read the rest on PJM. (and see Oleg’s fun photoshop.)