Roger L. Simon

French BlackBerrys, mon amour

I have not made the leap to a BlackBerry – reason being I value those few moments of privacy I still have (all three minutes of them). FULL DISCLOSURE: I am – as a dutiful servant of Lord Steve – considering an iPhone.

Nevertheless, I had a good laugh that the French have their knickers in the proverbial twist over possible US spying on their BlackBerrys. Tel Aviv editor Allison Sommer got off a good line about it over on Pajamas: “Quel horreur! We wouldn’t want them giving away those valuable French military secrets…”

Actually, there may be a bit more to it than all that, given French footsie with mullahs (Total Elf, etc.). But I’m more interested in the dish. Can you imagine the hanky-panky you would hear in thirty minutes listening to a dozen French BlackBerrys? Forget Peyton Place or Desperate Housewives. And forget national secrets too. This would be Colette on steroids. [Are you saying there’s money to be made selling French BlackBerry tapes?-ed. My lips are sealed.]