Fareed Zakaria gets it wrong...

Fareed Zakaria tries to slip a multiculti mickey in our drink in his latest thumbsucker “Beyond Bush: what the world needs now is an open, confident America“. That’s not a bad idea, But what actually does he think is wrong in this neurotic land? Well…


We have become a nation consumed by fear, worried about terrorists and rogue nations, Muslims and Mexicans …

No, Fareed. We are not worried about Muslims and Mexicans. We are worried about Muslims. Most of us have been living with Mexicans for years. Millions and millions of them. And quite decently. Sure, we need to rationalize immigration because the rule of law – like openness – is a good thing, but we’re not consumed by fear of our neighbors, not even remotely. And if there is any real worry about Mexicans, it is because of Muslims.

Not coincidently, immigration became the issue it is in our society after 9/11. It wasn’t Mexicans who tried to blow up the World Trade Center twice and succeeded on the second attempt, who went after other targets worldwide from Madrid to Bali, who only yesterday were revealed to have been trying to explode Kennedy Airport. I could go on endlessly, but you get the point. We need to secure our borders because of those events.


So stop trying to equate Mexicans and Muslims. Until Muslims start to face what they are doing, there is little hope for any of us.

And on another matter, your nostalgia for Reagan in the article strikes me as a phony pose. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were anti-Reagan in those days (I was ). And who knows what Ronald himself would have done in the post-9/11 era? Again, I wouldn’t be surprised if it would have made Bush look like a pacifist.


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