Roger L. Simon

Rosie O'Donnell: There's money in paranoia

If the whole subject of 9-11 weren’t so serious, you could get a big laugh at the idea of Rosie O’Donnell pontificating on such technical subjects as the melting point of steel. According to Wikipedia, Rosie didn’t make it through college and my best guess is she’d have a helluva time passing high school physics or maybe even geometry. But we live in a day and age when everybody has an opinion on scientific matters whether or not they’ve seen the inside of a petri dish or even know what one is.

Of course that Rosie is mostly clueless about science only works to her advantage. She doesn’t have to trouble herself with pesky facts. This also helps her as a conspiracy theorist because they can’t show doubt-the essence of the scientific method- at any time.

Speaking of conspiracy theorists, for the most part they bore me stiff. Rosie O’Donnell certainly does. But I’m beginning to be jealous of them – there’s gold in them thar hills. And the more bizarre the accusation …. such as Rosie’s contention that 7 World Trade Center may have been taken down by Enron to avoid investigation????…. the more money can be made from it. Maybe I should think of a really good conspiracy and write a book about it. How about…. Ahmadinejad is a CIA agent? [But everyone already knows that’s true.-ed. They do?]