Roger L. Simon

A Service for Presidential Candidates - The Favorite Novel Survey

Here’s another reason (if you need one) for why I shouldn’t be running for high office. Evidently, you’re supposed to have a favorite novel. Even though I have published a number of the critters myself, I can’t imagine having a favorite one. It seems almost vulgar. I don’t have a favorite painting or film either. Or a favorite poem. But I do have a favorite ice cream flavor – dolce de leche, if you’re interested.

If I did have a favorite novel, however, I doubt it would be L. Ron Hubbard’s”Battlefield Earth,” apparently the choice of Mitt Romney. (I haven’t even read it …or considered reading it, for that matter). I interjected “apparently” because Romney supporters are evidently now distancing their man from the sci-fi thriller by the father of Scientology. [As well they might.-ed. Indeed.]

Even so, since this “favorite novel” thing seems to be (for some unknown reason) of interest in the presidential race and since we have a fairly literate audience on this blog, I am throwing out this challenge to you, dear reader. What novel would you advise the ambitious presidential candidate say was his favorite? “Remembrance of Things Past,” for example, is probably not a good idea – too pretentious and too French. And someone might actually ask you a question to see if you read it.