Pajamas Straw Poll Widget Beta

You will see to your right a widget for the Pajamas Media Presidential Straw Poll. Those of you who have not voted in the poll i this week can click to open the booth there and vote. Those of you who have already voted will see results from this “precinct” first (, then can click to see ALL VOTES coming in from the Pajamas Media portal and elsewhere (eventually).


Would you be kind enough to test this out and let me know in the comments below how it is working for you.
Please make suggestions if you have them. We went to place this widget on as many blogs and websites as possible (it will be fascinating to see how people are voting at various sites). And we would like to get it working as smoothly as possible.

Muchas gracias.

UPDATE: Already we have found a problem with MSIE 7. Working on it. (Firefox, Safari seemingly okay)


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