Sometimes you realize the Academy is actually comprised of film professionals

Despite the views of many “cinema pundits,” they did not give key Best Picture or Best Director nominations to the overlong and poorly written Dreamgirls.


That said, this Academy voter’s best movies of the year – The Lives of Others and Borat – were not nominated in that category. [Do you ever vote for anything that gets nominated?-ed. Can’t remember.] In the Best Picture category I will have to vote for this film.

UPDATE – DEPT. OF PHONY CONTROVERSIES: AP Entertainment Writer Jake Coyle questions the adapted screenplay nomination for Borat because of its heavy use of improv: “What in the name of Kazakhstan is going on here?”

Sacha Cohen explains near the bottom of the article (from a Writers Guild question-and-answer session):
“We’d sit around the writers’ room and imagine the scene. What do we want it to look like?” He added, “Looking at the script and the finished film, they’re remarkably the same.”

At least as much, I would imagine, as most movies.


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