There'll always be an England - maybe not

Don’t miss Brendan Bernhard’s excellent analysis in the NY Sun of two new documentaries on the rise of radical Islam in Britain. He concludes:

Is this, as Muslim spokesmen have charged, media sensationalism? Have their remarks been taken out of context? It’s hard to imagine what context could possibly render them benign. Like CNN’s “The War Within,” the BBC’s “Undercover Mosque” is in some ways most remarkable not for what is said, but for what is shown: The growing number of neighborhoods, towns, and cities where veiled women and bearded men proliferate while the pale British faces of yore recede. Neither program touches on one great irony: Having largely turned their backs on Christianity and embraced secularism, the British (like most Europeans) must now grapple with another, far more fierce religious ideology, and this time someone else’s – on their own land.


I have watched some of “Undercover Mosque” on YouTube and, despite knowing exactly what to expect, found it blood-curdling. I have not seen “The War Within” because I understand it features Christiane Amanpour. Perhaps in another world, Allah permitting.


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