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JPod has some fun today with Mahnola Dargis of the NYT: You know, at times, people come up to me randomly on the streets of New York and ask me, “Say, JPod, how exactly would you define the word ‘pretentious’?” And I have to admit I am usually stumped and unable to sum up exactly the qualities of pseudo-thought that the word represents. That is why I am grateful today for the film critic of the New York Times, Ms. Manohla Dargis.


John’s referring to Dargis’ review of David Lynch’s latest, which, among other “sophisticated” uses of the English language calls the director’s Mulholland Drive a “meta-cinematic masterpiece.” [Does that mean it has a score by Zubin Mehta?-ed. No, it means it had a score in the style of Zubin Mehta. I see.]

Simon’s rule for movie reviewing: Short reviews good. Even shorter reviews even better – as in HIX NIX STIX PIX. By way of example, here’s two more from my growing pile of Academy DVDs. There were two movies about magicians this year. The Illusionist: worth seeing. The Prestige: not worth seeing. [Aren’t you going to back up your opinions?-ed. Maybe later.]


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