Roger L. Simon

Does the New York Times still exist? Yes, and they're bashing the Israelis

After the now-revealed absurdity of the Plame Affair, you would think the gang at the NYT would be exhibiting a little humility … but nooooo! Their oh-so-predictable Jerusalem correspondent Steven Erlanger is inveighing against the IDF for not allowing enough war access to him and his colleagues and for a lack of … ready for this?…. “proportionality.” (Wonder how Erlanger would have dealt with the fire-bombing of Dresden. Hope his father wasn’t involved.) Thank the Goddess we’re in the post-Jason Blair/Internet era when most of us know the NYT is just another dead-tree publication with its stock heading into the toilet and not the “Newspaper of Record,” a concept so inherently totalitarian it’s amazing a democratic society could have ever countenanced such a thing in the first place. It’s also particularly ironic that all this jejune bullshit by Erlanger and his colleagues was being shoveled at a conference held in Jerusalem itself. Imagine them arranging a similar event in South Lebanon or Gaza to criticize the locals. [Which group of jihadists would kidnap them first?-ed. The Anti-Boredom Society.]

UPDATE: In the old days I would just have laughed about the Photoshopping of Katie Couric by CBS News. But somehow things have gotten a little more serious and this seems oddly all of a piece with those corrupt slime buckets who brought us Dan Rather’s lies. I’m not laughing.