Roger L. Simon

Hacks of Fox News

CNN has a history of bias when it comes to covering war and other subjects in the Middle East. We needn’t rehearse that here, except to note this latest pathetic example. But Fox News too has appeared to join, at least in part, the Whores of Hezbollah. Their Beirut correspondent Jonathan Hunt fairly bragged tonight that his network was the only one admitted by Hezbollah into Beirut’s southern suburbs to repeat the same shots we have seen ad nauseum, adding the weird discalimer they were not allowed to show the faces of the terrorists (he didn’t call them that, of course) themselves. Hunt has been particularly egregious throughout the conflict, a perfect example of the British yellow journalism tradition, swallowing whole every propagandistic tidbit, parroting back without question the Lebanese government “civilian” death figures, which turn out to be about 1000 in any case, a rather astonishingly low number for a month of conflict. (Compare that to thirty minutes of 9/11.) One wonders what Brit Hume was thinking when forced to cut to this character during his nightly reports. Fox, in general, has a pretty low level of in the field reporting, but so do all of them.

MORE MEDIA BIAS: This time from the AP. Their headline at this hour (22:14 PDT) reads – Rockets hit Lebanon despite cease-fire. There’s no indication in the headline, of course, that these are Hezbollah katyushas hitting their own country (which is the case if you read the article). Would the reader naturally assume these rockets were coming from Israel or fired by Israeli forces? Bias or bad writing? You decide.