Roger L. Simon

Berserk Narcissists

No one looks dopier today than the collection of self-righteous fuddy-duddies who voted for Ned Lamont in Tuesday’s Democratic Primary in Connecticut. In the darkness of his soul Lamont himself must be wondering how to react to the news that another ten jets filled with innocent human beings were about to explode over the Atlantic. Not good for his campaign. It reminds me of the old LA Weekly cartoon: “Nuclear War? There goes my career!”

The problem with Lamont and his ilk is that they are unable to wrap their minds around the fact that Islamic Fascsim is a deeply real and pervasive phenomenon with hundreds of millions of adherents and fellow travelers. Surely, these soi-disant liberals think, these people can be reasoned with. But it couldn’t be more obvious that they can’t . They are imbued with a fanatical religious culture vastly different from and in complete opposition to ours. However, for these “liberals” to face this uncomfortable reality would vastly disrupt their weltanschauung and cost them power, money, position, prestige, etc. It might even cause personality disintegration. This is the Culture of Narcissism gone berserk.

Unfortunately, I think today’s episode will not be enough. Fortunately, for many innocent people, the religious madmen were stopped before they acted. Maybe after one or ten finally slip through these “liberals” will wake up. But even then I wonder.