Roger L. Simon

Today's War

While others blither on, Wretchard continues to write the most interesting analysis of the war, in or out of the blogosphere. He should be required reading for mainstream media columnists, although it might make them anxious to encounter thinking on a level so much more complex than theirs. He is the only writer I know of publicly taking the position that the Israeli campaign against Hezbollah strongholds in South Lebanon is being successful (and he has interesting reasons). The stunning conventionality of what you hear on television now is mind-numbing. The only person I can bear to listen to is Newt Gingrich because he talks fast. Watching that English deadhead (Hunt?) on Fox last night mindlessly repeating Lebanese government figures (straight from Hezbollah?) on the number of dead civilians, dividing up Hezbollah soldiers and “civilians” unquestiongingly with the exact stats someone told him, was almost comic. Where does Roger Ailes get these people?

Wretchard, at least, thinks for himself. Speaking of which, I will go out on a small limb and say this morning’s report from the Israeli cabinet meeting – to wit, they do not intend to extend the war – is, if not complete disinformation, completely irrelevant. Why would the Israeli government telegraph their intentions at this moment?